To sell items on FreeAdsSpain.com, you first need to register as a seller.  To do this is very easy if you follow the instructions below.

Go to the Home Page and press the white outline of a person, to the right of the “Post an Advert” button, as shown below.


Once you have done that, a pop-up box will appear and in the right hand corner in blue, there is a “Register” option.  Press that option.





Now that you have selected “Register”, another pop-up box appears like the one to the right.  Here, you have to enter your full name, a Username of your choice and then add your email address that you want enquiries to be sent to.  After that, create your own password and then repeat it in the box below to ensure that you have entered it correctly.  Once that is all done, press “Register.”

Now that is done, an automated email will be sent to your email account to confirm your registration and details.  Please remember to keep these safe and to not share them with anyone.

Your web page will now default back to the Home Page of FreeAdsSpain.com and you will notice a slight difference in the way the page looks.  In the image below, you will see that there is the usual “Post an Advert” button, but either side of it there are two new symbols.

The first is to create your “profile” where you can add a picture, your location and your contact details.  The second is the button to “log out”.  It is recommended that before you try and post an advert, that you create and complete your profile first.

To find out how CLICK HERE.