Posting an advert is very simple.  Indeed, just like you would on ebay.


At the top of the page, press the “Post Advert” button as shown above.  Once you have done that and logged in (you have to register with the site before posting an advert – CLICK HERE to find out how.) you will presented with the screen below left.



The first thing you will be asked to do is enter the “Title” of your advert. This is a brief description of what you have for sale.  Remember to keep it eye catching.

Then enter the “Price”

The “Location” of the advert is next.  For this there is a drop down box which lists all the provinces of Spain.  Enter the province that the item is located.

The “Address” is important, as it lets the website user know the exact location of what you have to offer.  This enables the website to display a map of where you and your items are for sale on the advert.  N.B. we recommended that unless you are a business, that you only put the street address and not the name and number of your property.

The next stage is to choose the “Category” that you wish your item to be displayed in.  Again, like the location section, there is a drop down bow of all the categories that are available on the website.  If there is not one that you feel is specific enough for you, please drop the team a line HERE.

“Photos” are the next thing to add to your advert.  Remember, a picture paints 1000 words, so make sure that the photo’s show your item off to the best.  They are the single most important point to ensure that your advert gets noticed.

In the “Photos” section there is a “+” sigh.  Click on it and the files will open up on your PC or mobile device.  Select the ones that you wish to add.  You can have up to 30 for each advert.  The thumbnails of the ones that you have chosen will be displayed.

The “Description” of your item is the final information you need to enter before your advert goes live.  Remember, keep it punchy and informative, mentioning the age and condition.

Once all that has been done.  Press the red “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

That’s it – your advert is live.