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PMP [ Project Management Professional – Certification] Most popular among Engineers / Managers. Step Ahead in your career.

a) Highest Success Rate / Lowest Training Fees
b) Most popular PMP Trainer International
c) Already conducted more than 180 + PMP Workshops
with more than 8,000 Engineers and Managers
d) 35 PDU’s acceptable by PMI

Course Contents :
How to Manage/Plan Scope ?
How to Manage/Plan Time ?
How to Manage/Plan Cost ?
How to Manage/Plan Quality ?
How to Manage/Plan Human Resources?
How to Manage/Plan Communication ?
How to Manage/Plan Risk ?
How to Manage/Plan Procurement / Outsourcing ?
How to Manage/Plan Stakeholders ?
How to Manage/Plan Integration?
How to evaluate Performance of the Project ?
How to forecast / Project Likely spending on the Project?
How to find the Duration of the Project?
How to Reduce Duration of a Project ( Schedule Compression) ?
Tips from Exam + Practical Perspective
How to fill Application of PMP
How to prepare for Exam ( After the training )
What books to study / Roadmap

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