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Go Green with Solar Energy—–Also save on fast internet/TV at lower prices

1) Do you want to save money?

2) Do you want English speaking customer service (because after 20 years here you still do not speak Spanish)

3) Do you want to know in advance what your monthly bill well be?

4) Do you want “clean” energy?

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Renewable Solar Energy in Spain

You can change RIGHT NOW! Discover how much you’ll save with Europa Energy!

Do you have a business in Spain and are fed up with high electricity bills?

Are you a householder wanting to go green….

With a simple fixed monthly invoice based on your actual power usage, you’ll save 15% to 20% against a traditional supplier, and with no minimum term contract to lock you in!

100% Solar power electricity

Our electricity is guaranteed 100% solar power from certified local renewable energy producers in Spain. Your power will be produced by your nearest local photovoltaic power station!

5) Does fast unlimited wifi interest you? If so please send me your contact number and the best time to take an information call.