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frik-American Group of Miners

Dear Sir/madam

We are an American based group Of Miners operating in the sector of Gold mining in all forms ranging from Bars,dust ,nuggets and scrap
We operate from 5 different African where we own mines(Democratic republic of Congo,Equatorial guinea,Cameroon,Sierra leone and Ghana
we have our gold mines and is controlled by our team of professional miners, so we need a potential buyer of gold dust,gold bars or rough diamonds,we discovered our mines in 2009. we welcome all buyers around the globe and we wish to create a long lasting business relationship with you.We always advice all our client to visit our office here in Cameroon see the gold and do essaye before any payments or at the client discrition we can ship the consignment.Also note that we can ship to any location in the world via our diplomatic shipping route.

Best price:
Specification:18 22 24+ carat
Purity:99.999 %
Price:USD $27000 per kg..(Retail price50$ per gram)

*All Prices are nogociable !

If you agree to our price revert back to us with your buying terms so we proceed.


For further details and negotiation to buy our gold you can contact
Sales Department
Contact Person: kents Quincy Pearson
Tell/Whatsapp:+1 845-731-5392