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Compass House Rockingham Road Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 7QD

For Recruitment Consultants everywhere.

Are you an existing Recruitment Consultant, or someone who has all the attributes to be good at the job?

Do you have intricate knowledge of a particular industry but want to try something different?

Has recruitment been your past, and you’d like to carry on, even in a part time capacity?

Are you tired of earning a thanklessly small wage and minimal commissions, and ready to see more of YOUR efforts in YOUR pocket?

Do life’s commitments mean you need an injection of flexibility and work / life balance?

Do you like to work autonomously, but see value in being part of a Swan Hellenic and team?

Do you constantly lose opportunities because you have to focus on a single industry, or are restricted to particular geographic patch?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, Swan Hellenic may be for YOU, Swan Hellenic recruitment company, headquartered in United Kingdom, but operating worldwide. It takes advantage of today’s technology, lowering its overheads in order to provide the best value for money to its clients, and put more in the pocket of those Consultants who represent it.

Not only does Swan Hellenic represent flexibility and a work / life balance, it offers the best remuneration in the industry for those who know what they’re worth. Recruitment Consultants regularly tell us that under our model, they would earn many times more than they would under their traditional wage plus small commission environment. YOU EARN UP TO 80% OF YOUR BILLINGS UNDER OUR MODEL.

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